Comedy Club Discounts

  • For free tickets to all Eastville Comedy Club shows, please click here.
  • For free tickets Sunday-Thursday and a 50% discount on tickets Friday & Saturday for Broadway Comedy Club shows, please click here.
  • For free tickets Monday-Thursday at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club, please click here.

Free Tickets to All Shows at Eastville Comedy Club

Finally—a bona fide stand-up comedy club in the heart of the East Village.

The Eastville Comedy Club is located at 85 East 4th Street (slightly west of 2nd Avenue) under the famous KGB Bar. A relatively new venue that opened in summer 2008, Eastville runs shows every night consisting of a mix of mainstream and alternative comedy. Showtimes are typically Monday-Thursday at 9:00 pm, Friday-Saturday at 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm, and 11:00 pm, and Sunday at 8:30 pm.

You may have never heard of the opening acts, but the headliners are sharp NYC comics who’ve performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Last Comic Standing, 30 Rock, Comedy Central, etc. To find out who’s playing tonight and/or on upcoming evenings, please simply click here.

The showroom consists of a spare but cozy space with red-cushioned chairs, small black tables, and candle lighting. It can comfortably seat over 100 audience members, so you’re likely to get in whenever you feel like dropping by for laughs.

Tickets are normally $15 each for weeknight shows and $20 for weekend shows. However, you can pay nothing for tickets—that is, enjoy a zero cover charge—by mentioning when making reservations via email at (include your full name, date & time of show, and code or reserving by phone at (212) 260-2445.

Please note that on top of the cover charge, every show has a two-drink minimum. The least expensive items on the menu are water, beer, juice, and soda for around $5 each. With tax, tip, and other charges, figure on paying at least $15…which is very little for a quality comedy club.

Food (burgers, buffalo wings, etc.) is also available. Ordering food doesn’t count towards meeting the two-drink minimum; but if you want a full dinner while enjoying comedy, it’s yours for the asking.

While this special offer is going, you can use the code to enjoy no cover charge for as many tickets as you like and for as many shows as you like. Please just keep in mind that the two-drink minimum still applies to every person attending.

Eastville is a promising new venue that provides a genuine comedy club experience in an East Village neighborhood. If you visit the show schedule and spot a headliner you’d like to see, come and have fun at Eastville…and pay $0 for tickets by mentioning HyReviews.

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Free Tickets Sunday-Thursday and 50% Discounted Tickets Friday & Saturday for Broadway Comedy Club

The Broadway Comedy Club is located at 318 West 53rd Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues).

The club revolves around lineups—that is, a series of comics performing in a 90-minute slot—rather than stars doing solo shows. And the patrons are mostly tourists, so the comics tend to perform material sufficiently universal to be entertaining to folks from anywhere in the world—for example, there’s a lot of playing around with the audience, broad ethnic humor, relationship jokes, etc. In other words, it’s an old-school approach (as opposed to, say, edgy East Village comedy); but the audiences I saw when visiting seemed to have a good time with it. Also, the service is efficient and friendly across the board (the waitresses are especially nice).

The club houses three comedy rooms:

  • The main showroom, which has brown walls and chairs, and seats around 120.
  • The adjunct showroom, which has black walls and chairs, and seats around 60.
  • The lounge, which looks like it used to be a small theatre, and seats around 40.

The lighting in all three rooms is low and intimate, with candles scattered around the tables.

The club has a variety of shows, but its most popular ones tend to be The Best of Broadway, TV Headliner Showcase, and Industry Showcase (all in the main showroom).

Every show has both a cover price and a two-drink minimum. Beers are $8. However, you can alternatively order juice, soda, coffee, or a “New York Energy Drink” for $5; so if you stick with the lowest-priced choices, your two drinks will end up costing only $13 (including tax & tip).

As for the cover, ticket prices typically range from $10 for lounge shows to $20 for main showroom shows. But the club is currently offering free tickets for all shows on Sunday through Thursday, and a half-price sale on tickets Friday and Saturday, for readers.

To take advantage of this offer, please visit the club’s Web site by clicking here; choose the show you want to see (paying special attention to the performer list, because you might spot one of your favorites); call (212) 757-2323 to purchase the tickets; and mention you want the free ticket deal or 50% discount ticket deal (depending on the day you choose) as a reader of (For example, for a Friday or Saturday, a $20 ticket will be $10, two $20 tickets will be a total of $20, and so on.)

Alternatively, simply show up to purchase your tickets at the door and mention the offer to get in at no cover Sunday-Thursday or at 50% discount on Friday & Saturday.

While this offer is available, you can use it for as many tickets as you like and for as many shows as you like. Please just keep in mind that the two-drink minimum still applies to every person attending.

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Free Tickets Monday-Thursday at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club is located at 1118 First Avenue (at 61st Street).

You can see Dangerfield’s shows on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for no cover charge by clicking here and printing out the discount offer; making reservations via phone at (212) 593-1650 and mentioning the discount; and presenting the printout of the discount page to your server when you’re at the club. Please just keep in mind that the two-drink minimum still applies to every person attending.

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