NYC Top Comedy Choices for Monday 11/3/08

November 3, 2008

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Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks marked by brackets) include:

the perfect show for short attention spans—open-mic stand-up with 4½ minutes per set and 25 comics crammed into 2½ hours, who tonight include Joselyn Hughes, Blaine Perry, Matt Ruby, Amy Beckerman, Jon Bander, and John Morrison—at John Morrison’s Ochi’s Motel (6:30 pm & 9:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] innovative TV mini-shows (no longer than 5 minutes each) that live or die by audience votes at Channel101: NY (7:00 pm & 8:30 pm),

hilarious singer/songwriter Ben Lerman, and stand-ups Pat Camden and Wesley Cannon, joining delightful hosts Jackie Monahan, Leah Dubie, Amy Beckerman, and Gloria Bigelow at Dykes on Mics (7:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] a sharply funny political discussion with brilliant & lightning-fast comics Mike Birbiglia (David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, Sleepwalk with Me), Neil Casey (Death by Roo Roo, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet), Becky Drysdale (Time Traveling Lesbian, Let’s Have a Ball), and Scott Brown (writer for Entertainment Weekly and Wired) at Anthony King’s & Kate Spencer’s Shut Up! I Hate You! (8:00 pm),

political sketch comedy, plus an Election Eve panel with pundits Eric Boehlert, Jane Hamsher, and Lee Papa, at Liz Winstead’s Shoot the Messenger (8:00 pm),

fresh, sexy, brilliant comic Jessi Klein hosting a pre-Election comedy show with such talented stand-ups as Myq Kaplan, Michael Weingartner, Reese Waters, and Robert Kelly at the biweekly Comedy Central at Crash Mansion (8:00 pm),

a new, free weekly comedy show in Brooklyn featuring stand-up, sketch, music, and more, hosted by the razor-sharp Jena Friedman: Entertaining Tammy (8:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] Kate Hess & Andy Secunda creating what’s likely to be a hilarious political parody, plus political-based improv, at Palin Family All-Star Review and Election Spectacular and The Spin (9:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] and a free weekly show featuring some of the finest comics in the country—who tonight include Eugene Mirman (Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, Adult Swim), Andy Blitz (comedy genius who’s written & performed for Conan O’Brien since 1999), and James Adomian (George W. Bush impersonator for CBS, ABC, MTV, Comedy Central)—hosted by the wonderful Leo Allen (Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central) at Whiplash (11:00 pm).

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