NYC Top Comedy Choices for Saturday 5/16/09

May 16, 2009

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John Oliver

John Oliver

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

[TOP PICK] numerous NYC stand-ups, including Roger Hailes, Jared Logan, Dan St. Germain, and Pat Stango & Blaine Perry, telling jokes and celebrating the host’s birthday—with a party to follow—at Sean Donnelly’s Lil’ Seany Boy (7:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] star improvisation from writers & performers at 30 Rock, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show joyously declaring Let’s Have a Ball (7:30 pm),

Roman Rimer telling the true story of transitioning from gal to guy in this new one-person show: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trannies * But Were Afraid to Ask (7:30 pm),

[$] comedy genius Pete Holmes (Comedy Central, VH1’s Best Week Ever, The New Yorker) opening for TV & movie star TJ Miller (David Letterman, ABC’s Carpoolers, film star), who’s Headlining at Gotham Comedy Club (8:00 pm & 10:00 & 11:45 pm),

[$] the revival of a popular comedic play, smarty directed by the wonderful Kimmy Gatewood and with a standout performance from actress Lee Eddy: Kidnapped by Craigslist (8:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] one of my all-time favorite improv troupes—which in 2008 broke the UCBT improv competition record for winning streaks with 17 triumphs in a row, and this year delivered a magnificent performance to capture the Cage Match Championship—the brilliant and daring members of Death by Roo Roo (9:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] [$] star comics John Oliver (head correspondent of The Daily Show, genius stand-up) and Jessi Klein (Comedy Central, VH1, NBC, CNN,Adult Swim), rising stars Baron Vaughn (Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Shoot the Messenger, Awkward Kings of Comedy), Amy Schumer, and Lucas Held, popular singer/songwriter PT Walkley, and more—plus free beer!—at acclaimed monthly comedy showcase Moonwork (9:00 pm),

organic & energetic improv by the four guys of 4 Track! (9:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] inventive & hilarious sketch comedy from The Harvard Sailing Team (9:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] [DISCOUNTED] brilliant improvisors making up plays on the spot using the language and themes of the Bard: Improvised Shakespeare (10:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] improvised furious action from world-class troupe Reuben Williams (10:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] [$] Ted Greenberg (Emmy-winning David Letterman writer) performing a fun, quick-paced theatrical comedy show—complete with audience rides home!—at The Complete Performer (10:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] and a comedy show about the advertising biz, tonight featuring razor-sharp comics & ad veterans (Comedy Central, VH1’s Best Week Ever, The New Yorker), John Gemberling (Fat Guy Stuck in Internet, Death by Roo Roo), and Oren Brimer (,, and hosted by Greg Johnson (President Johnson) and Sam Brown (The Whitest Kids U’ Know): Ad Nauseam (midnight).

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