NYC Top Comedy Choices for Thursday 10/7/10

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Grease 3: Threase

Hilarious & beloved sketch comics including Katherine Bryant Flaherty, 7 months gloriously pregnant Shayna Ferm, Chris O'Connor, Alex Goldberg, Livia Scott, and Amy Heidt star in the long-awaited sequel "Grease 3: Threase"

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $12 marked with $) include:

7:00 pm ($5): Desiree Nash wrote and co-stars in a sketch show revolving around the comedic travails of dating: Check Please!

7:30 pm ($5): Sharp improvisors directed by James Eason “take an audience suggestion and break it into a million funny pieces,” and veteran improvisors play with “elements of monoscene, deconstruction, and La Ronde,” in the double-bill The Deconstruction and Sleepover

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($8): The thoroughly wonderful comics of sketch troupe Fearsome—Shayna Ferm, Katherine Bryant Flaherty, Alex Goldberg, and Chris O’Connor—are joined by such other immense talents as Livia Scott and Amy Heidt to perform a new comedic musical that’s very, very loosely based on a classic Travolta/Newton John vehicle: Grease 3: Threase

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Stand-up star Caroline Rhea and Big Terrific’s Max Silvestri join hosts Shonali Bhowmik and Andrea Rosen, who are the S and A of the fresh, sexy, and razor-sharp gals of Variety SHAC

[$] 8:00 pm ($26.75 & 2-drink min.): A cast member of the much-missed Chappelle’s Showheadlining tonight through Sunday at Carolines Comedy Club: Donnell Rawlings

[TOP PICK] 9:00 pm ($12): Nick Prueher and Mark Breese (Found Footage Festival) host a screening of a very, very bad film from 1985 “shot entirely in Galveston Texas featuring poorly-dubbed dialogue, a naive understanding of how computers work, and two musical performances by heavy metal band Panther:”Computer Beach Party

[FREE] 9:00ish pm: NYC stand-ups (no lineup is announced, so you takes your chances) performing on this weekly show at the Kabin Bar and Lounge hosted by Chesley Calloway and comedy genius Sean Patton (red-hot rising star; killer set on Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, VH1): Comedy as a Second Language

[TOP PICK] 9:30 pm ($5): At this month’s edition of NYC’s best show of comedic sexual tales, the theme is Paranoia; and the storytellers are Kambri Crews (Love, Daddy), Ryan Paulson (Pentecostal Wisconsin), genius musical guest Reggie Watts (Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, The Electric Company), and sensual hosts Margot Leitman & Giulia Rozzi’s, all performing at Stripped Stories

[$] 10:00 pm ($31.25 & 2-drink min.) A provocative comedy star who’s written for Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, and Saturday Night Live, and performed on Chappelle’s Show and David Letterman, headlining through Sunday at Carolines: Paul Mooney

[TOP PICK] 11:00 pm ($5): Two vibrant improv troupes, Dog Court and Tickles, compete for audience laughs and votes at the raucous Cage Match

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