NYC Top Comedy Choices for Saturday 11/29/08

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Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks marked by brackets) include:

an improv troupe with a theatrical approach: Stray (7:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] four hours of semi-finals and finals competition at the raucous conclusion of Pat Baer’s wonderful 2008 3-on-3 Improv Tournament (8:00 pm, 9:30 pm, & 11:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] comedy legend Jim Gaffigan performing the next-to-final evening of his current smash NYC run at Town Hall: The Sexy Tour (8:00 pm & 10:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] Kevin Allison (member of legendary sketch troupe The State) in a one-man show: F*** Up (8:00 pm),

a co-star of Comedy Central’s The Root of All Evil, with appearances on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, etc., headlining tonight and Saturday at Comix: Andy Kindler (8:00 pm & 10:30 pm),

a small mob of talented comics telling funny, poignant, and at times unforgettable tales about their relatives at the gorgeous Sara Benincasa’s Family Hour (9:00 pm),

organic & energetic improv by the four guys of 4 Track! (9:00 pm),

[TOP PICK] inventive & hilarious sketch comedy from The Harvard Sailing Team (9:30 pm),

[TOP PICK] and Ted Greenberg (Emmy-winning David Letterman writer) performing a fun, quick-paced theatrical comedy show: The Complete Performer (10:30 pm).

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One Response to NYC Top Comedy Choices for Saturday 11/29/08

  1. marc212 says:

    Whoa, just stumbled upon this site. Very helpful! Thanks!
    ~ Marc

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