NYC Top Comedy Choices for Thursday 10/1/09

October 1, 2009

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Faye Lane

Faye Lane

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

[TOP PICK] 6:00 pm ($5): Stellar sketch troupe Trophy Dad, brilliant comic Jeff Hiller, and a sketch troupe I haven’t yet seen called The Bilderbergers each perform a new show at the UCBT showcase Spank

[TOP PICK] [$] 7:30 pm ($13 online using discount code ACLIAR & 2-item min.): TV pilot taping of a superb comedy show in which people tell stories about themselves—two of the stories are true, but one of them is a pack of lies. Then the audience, and a panel of “inquisitors,” ask questions to try to figure out who’s fibbing. Tonight’s host is Ophira Eisenberg; the storytellers are Faye Lane, Martin Dockery, and the show’s creator Andy Christie; and the inquisitors are Kevin Allison (The State), Mark Katz (renowned political speechwriter), and George Dawes Green (founder of The Moth), all at The Liar Show

[TOP PICK] 7:00 pm ($5): One of my very favorite funny couples, the brilliant Mary Theresa Archbold and Pat Shay, debut a new comedic play in which they explore love through history in an attempt to make the title of this show come true: Pat and Mary Save Their Marriage

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): A hilarious comedic musical about young les love that you should see at least once (plus, on this double-bill, sketch from troupe New Excitement): Girl Camp

8:00 pm ($8): “Mandy Schmieder laughs for no apparent reason. An outburst can occur at any time: in utter silence, after seeing someone injure themselves, or simply if she’s been looking at monkeys for too long at the zoo. What does Mandy think is so damn funny? Find out in this one-woman show directed by Pat Shay:” Shemandigans

8:00 pm ($5): Sharp improvisors directed by James Eason “take an audience suggestion and break it into a million funny pieces” in The Deconstruction

[TOP PICK] 9:30 pm ($5): Superb comics Anthony Atamanuik, David Reese, Starlee Kine, and Brent Sullivan join the fresh, sexy, and razor-sharp gals of Variety SHAC

[$] 10:00 pm ($31.25 & 2-drink min.): A provocative comedy star who’s written for Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, and Saturday Night Live, and performed on Chappelle’s Show and David Letterman, headlining through Sunday at Carolines: Paul Mooney

[TOP PICK] 11:00 pm ($5): After the upset of the year—genius improv troupe Death by Roo Roo losing its 22-in-a-row winning streak last week to challenger Classic Masculinity—CM defends its new crown against improv troupe Daddy in a battle for audience laughs and votes at the raucous Cage Match

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