NYC Top Comedy Choices for Wednesday 5/22/13

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On Hiatus

On May 2nd I had knee surgery. It’s been a struggle since then to keep these daily listings going; but I managed.

Today, however, my PC effectively died. (It can be resurrected for about seven minutes—but then, with no warning, dies again…)

Am reading this as the universe telling me, “Hy, take a break.”

So I’m gonna.

The daily comedy listings are going on hiatus from today, May 22nd, through at least the end of the month.

I can still be reached via email; and I’m still able to perform my professional writing & editing work (which doesn’t require finicky Web software).

Please tune in on June 10th to see where I’m at with my health, my attempts to get a replacement computer set up, and the status of the and sites.

Meanwhile—while the information isn’t as detailed, complete, or accurate (e.g., shows are listed that aren’t actually happening that night, requiring double-checking)—the next best source for comedy listings is the Time Out New York website, which you can visit here.

Hope to see you again on June 1oth.



6 Responses to NYC Top Comedy Choices for Wednesday 5/22/13

  1. wm says:

    get well soon

  2. br says:

    Your posts are missed! Get well soon

  3. brandonf says:

    Feel better! Your posts have been missed!

  4. Joe says:

    Hope you’re doing better, both physically and electronically. Love your site. Hope to see you out at whiplash and elsewhere soon.

  5. RC says:

    I’m a faithful follower of this website. I feel like I’m missing out on tons of shows during your hiatus. Get well! Monetize this thing! 🙂

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