NYC Top Comedy Choices for Monday 10/5/09

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Barber Shark Quartet

Barber Shark Quartet

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

6:00 pm ($5): Three fine comedic shows trying out for a run at UCBT (at a cost of $1.67 per 30-minute production!), with such talents as veteran improvisors James Eason & Jessica Allen; sketch comic Jessica Stickles; and Michael Hartney & Rachel Korowitz of sketch troupe Secret Hospital in Eason & Allen; All My Friends Are Getting Married; and Hartney & Korowitz Hit It Off

6:30 pm & 9:00 pm (no cover, 1-item min.): The perfect show for short attention spans—open-mic stand-up with 4½ minutes per set and 25 comics crammed into 2½ hours—at John Morrison’s Ochi’s Motel

[FREE] 7:30 pm: Sharp NYC stand-ups Team Submarine, Luke Cunningham, Charlie Kasov, and more performing at a free weekly show in the Manchester Pub hosted by Phoebe Robinson: Case of the Mondays Comedy

8:00 pm ($5): Two of UCBT’s best house sketch comedy troupes, Stone Cold Fox and Gorilla Gorilla, trying out new bits at Maude Night

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): A special “rap battle” edition with Victor Varnado, Rob Cantrell, Tom McCaffrey, Liam McEneaney, Rob Paravonian, Diane O’Debra, and Shappy Seasholtz duking it out via comedic hip-hop rhymes; plus stand-up from Sean Donnelly, ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, Australian comic Marcus Ryan, and Moe & Mary, all in the Lolita Bar with producer Liam McEneaney at Tell Your Friends

[TOP PICK] [FREE] 11:00 pm: Some of the finest stand-ups in the country—who tonight include Larry Wilmore (Senior Black Correspondent for The Daily Show; The Office; author of I’d Rather We Got Casinos), Moshe Kasher (visiting from Oakland; Comedy Central), and folks whose names I’m not allowed to mention—hosted by the wonderful Leo Allen (Saturday Night Live, HBO, Comedy Central) at Whiplash

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For cherished moments from David Letterman, please visit here.

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