NYC Top Comedy Choices for Friday 7/13/12

July 13, 2012

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Ted Alexandro

Stand-up giant Ted Alexandro performs with Janeane Garofalo at 9:00 at Eastville, and then…

Reggie Watts

…with Reggie Watts at midnight at UCB Chelsea for a fascinating comedy experiment called “Set List”

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

[FREE] 6:00 pm: An open-mic show on a lottery system (sign-ups happen at 5:45-6:00 pm) at The Creek upstairs theatre in Queens’ Long Island City with hosts Erin Lennox and Eli Sairs: The Orphanage

[TOP PICK] 6:30 pm ($10 plus 1 drink min.): “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theater, a shark swims right into your heart.” Beloved storyteller/stand-up/sketch comic John Flynn stars as a singing shark, along with Laura Daniel, Brett Douglas, Wayne Henry, Jason Salmon, and Suzanne Stein in this 40-minute musical written & composed by Wayne Henry at the Broadway Comedy Club (318 West 53rd Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues), running tonight and Sunday: Jaws: The Musical

7:00 pm ($7): “Evan Barden went on 100 dates in one year. Having completed the project, Evan is now going on his 101st date in front of a live audience. Get an inside look at what it’s like to date a pretty average guy in NYC” at The Magnet starring Cathryn Mudon, Connor Ratliff, and Chris Simpson:” 100 Dates

[TOP PICK] 7:30 pm ($10): Stone Cold Fox is the only sketch troupe (vs. improv troupe) to ever be honored with an ongoing spot on the prestigious UCB Chelsea weekend schedule. It’s earned this slot because its cast is one of the finest in comedy, with each performer strong enough for potential stardom; and, at their best, the troupe’s writers sizzle too. That said, this new show actually sounds more like improv with a dash of sketch: “The only live comedy sketch show all about you! Each week, we select two lucky audience members and craft a sketch show all about their lives. You probably think we’re crazy. We are! You probably think too much. We don’t! You probably think this show is about you. It is!“—directed by ace improvisor Ryan Karels: Stone Cold Fox: You Probably Think This Show Is About You!

[TOP PICK] 7:30 pm ($10): UCBT Artistic Director Nate Dern, Zhubin Parang (writer for The Daily Show), Tracey Wigfield (writer for 30 Rock), Michael Kayne (Baby Wants Candy, Diamond Lion), Abra Tabak (Grandma’s Ashes), and more perform improv at UCB East springboarding scenes off interviewing an audience member about his or her love life: What I Did For Love

[FREE] 7:45 pm sharp: John Roy (Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Comedy Central), Annie Lederman (Comedy Central, co-host of Pirate Party), Ben Kronberg (Jimmy Kimmel, MTV), Lukas Kaiser, and J.F. Harris performing stand-up at One and One (76 1st Street, corner of First Avenue) produced by Ben Conrad: Cranky Pants Comedy Hour

[FREE] 8:00 pm: This third annual comedy tournament features 40 improv groups…only one of which will triumph. Tonight the last remaining improv troupes battle for superiority, pride, and glory at The Creek upstairs theatre in Queens’ Long Island City hosted by James Ferrarella: The Arena Finals

[FREE] 8:00 pm: An open-mic show that’s first come, first serve (sign-ups start at 7:30 pm), with each comic getting five minutes on stage at The Creek downstairs lounge in Queens’ Long Island City: Mic and Cheese

8:30 pm ($5): Jarret Berenstein performs a one-man show at The Magnet that “mixes stand-up, sketch, and poorly executed animation:” Boosh. Kla-Klau.

[TOP PICK] 9:00 pm ($10): At UCB East, an improv troupe that earlier this year clobbered top rivals at Cage Match—thanks to such talents as Don Fanelli, Kate Riley, and Tim Martin—attempts to abandon rules for the sake of achieving new levels of hilarity in Fuck That Shit

[TOP PICK] 9:00 pm ($10): Some of the finest improv in NYC from UCB Chelsea’s all-star members of The Stepfathers

[TOP PICK] [$] [DISCOUNTED] 9:00 pm & 11:00 pm (FREE TICKETS if you reserve in advance by calling (212) 260-2445 and mention, but there’s still a 2-drink min. per person): Ted Alexandro (one of the very finest stand-ups in the country; David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, two Comedy Central Presents half-hour specials; frequently opens for Louis C.K.; performing 9:00 pm only), TV & movie Janeane Garofalo (performing 9:00 pm only), Big Jay Oakerson (Comedy Central Presents, HBO, Showtime, MTV), and more performing at the only comedy club in the East Village: Eastville Comedy Club

9:30 pm ($10): A PIT improv troupe making up a musical on the spot after a friendly greeting: Hello

10:00 pm ($7): Singing improvisors at The Magnet using an interview with an audience member to craft The Made-Up Musical

[FREE] 10:00 pm: Improv from ace troupe Doppelganger, duo The Brothers Hines, Couples Retreat, The Charlies, and Froduce at The Creek upstairs theatre hosted by Sean Donnelly: Froduce Four Year Anniversary Show

[TOP PICK] 10:30 pm ($10): Fran Gillespie, Jon Gabrus, Sue Galloway, Matt Fisher, Craig Rowin, Nate Lang, and other superb improvisors at UCB Chelsea making up scenes about an audience member’s legal dispute: The Law Firm: Law & Disorder

10:30 pm ($10): NYC comics (not announced) performing at UCB East hosted by Emily Axford, D’Arcy Carden, Alden Ford, Brandon Scott Jones, and/or Justin Tyler: Gentrify

[TOP PICK] 11:30 pm ($7): Ace improvisors Tami Sagher & Christina Gausas make up scenes at The Magnet as duo Sagher & Gausas

[TOP PICK] Midnight ($5): Blowout lineup of Reggie Watts (musical improv comedy genius; IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang, Comedy Central special; Jimmy Fallon; Electric Company; Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited tour; for video samples, please click here), Ted Alexandro (one of the very finest stand-ups in the country; David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, two Comedy Central Presents half-hour specials; frequently opens for Louis C.K.), James Adomian (hilarious, super-charged character comic/impressionist; finalist on most recent Last Comic Standing; Harold and Kumar 2), and Seth Herzog (staff comic for Jimmy Fallon; 30 Rock, Comedy Central, CBS, VH1, film actor; host of Sweet) for this special show in which “top comics are given a never-before-seen ‘set list’ of strange, challenging, and outrageous topics, and perform seamlessly as if it’s the act they normally do while the audience follows their list on the projection screen” at UCB Chelsea. I can’t believe this show hasn’t sold out yet! Grab tickets to see this amazing event: Set List with Reggie, Ted, James, and Seth

[FREE] Midnight: NYC stand-ups at The Creek upstairs theatre in Queens’ Long Island City, with host Andy Haynes promising “a rowdy late night comedy melee with beers being thrown, jokes being told, partial nudity, audience participation…there’s no telling what might happen:” Midnight Run

Midnight ($5): A three-person improv competition at UCB East hosted by Brian Glidewell, Josh Patten, and Ben Rameaka: Three for All

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