NYC Top Comedy Choices for Tuesday 12/6/11

December 6, 2011

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Storytellers humiliate each other via their Facebook photos at Mimsy: The Facebook Edition...

Arden Myrin

...Arden Myrin slays audiences three times tonight, at Hot Dang, Sweet, and The Tony and Johnny Show...

Andrea Alton as Molly “Equality” Dykeman

..and a holiday spectacular from drunk lesbian poet & agent of chaos Molly “Equality” Dykeman: A Molly Jolly Christmas

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

7:00 pm ($5): This audition for a spot on The Magnet schedule features “a damning sex scandal, during which the desperate but lovable Senator Jimmy Valentine hijacks a Senate filibuster to tell his side of the story—by way of a rock-n-roll musical:” Filibuster: The Musical

7:00 pm ($5): Shawn Wicken, the man behind syndicated newspaper cartoon Haiku Circus and the just-released book collection of five years of the strip, shares some favorite bits and answers audience questions at The PIT downstairs lounge: Haiku Circus Book Release

7:00 pm ($5): A one-woman show by Kristen Lucas about “a small town in Oklahoma and all its infamous stereotypes, Including but not limited to Pecos Bill, men with small genital syndrome, and a fat lady stuck on her toilet seat” at The PIT upstairs theatre: Oklahoma! A Tornado Tour Through a Tiny Town

[FREE] 7:00 pm: Open mic for comedy of all types (with sign-up starting at 6:00) at Queens LIC’sThe Creek upstairs theatre hosted by Robert Dean: The Dean’s List

[TOP PICK] [$] 7:30 pm ($18, plus $15 food/drink min.; if you don’t drink, either the burger or lasagna is a fine choice): One of the highlights of FringeNYC 2011 was Andrea Alton playing Molly “Equality” Dykeman, a security guard at PS 339 who writes poetry while popping Cheetos and anti-depressants and chasing after every woman she sees. While in lesser hands Molly might be offensive, Alton walks the comedy tightrope Molly requires with skill and grace. Alton’s spent years learning her craft as a razor-sharp New York sketch comic and stand-up, and as a superb comedic actress. So if you have an open mind, and love comedy and/or gay parody, you’ll probably grow to love her hilariously over-the-top lesbian character. To get a feel for Molly, click here and here; and then go see her live at the Laurie Beechman Theatre (in the West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42 Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues). Helping Molly out tonight will be Adam Sank (gay stand-up), Drae Campbell (Miss Lez 2010), Jubilee Diamond (burlesque star), and The Mollettes (dancers Victoria Smalc & Meliza Fernandez). Just be aware that if you’re a woman sitting near the front, you’ll probably be propositioned. (Repeatedly…): A Molly Jolly Christmas

[TOP PICK] [$] [DISCOUNTED] 7:30 pm ($14.45 online using discount code LAUGHTRACK): One of my favorite theatre duos, Rachel Buethe & James Presson, have come out with a new play that updates Hedda Gabler to the world of network TV. It’s a fresh, ambitious work that pushes at the borders between art and reality, entertainment and meaning. And while it’s not a comedy—in some ways, it’s actually an anti-comedy—at its core is a sitcom. For my full review, please click here. If you’re open to something different, don’t miss the too-brief run (ending December 18th) of this vibrant show at Walkerspace (46 Walker Street, near the Canal Street stops of the A/E/C/N/R/1/2/3/6 subways): Friends Don’t Let Friends

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Storytellers David Crabb, Cammi Climaco, Ben Lillie, Caitlin Brodnick, Erin Barker, Hanuman Welch, Miguel de Leon, Olivia Henderson, and Sarah Jewell “humiliate each other by screening their most horrible Facebook photos and forcing everyone to explain the photos in story form” at Brooklyn’s Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue) for this monthly show that’s always trying to find new, innovative ways to tell tales: Mimsy: The Facebook Edition

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Comics industry pros joining super-hosts Alex Zalben, Justin Tyler, and Pete LePage in a lively & hilarious discussion about four-color pop culture at The PIT downstairs lounge: Comic Book Club

8:00 pm-Midnight ($5): Four full hours of improv at UCB Chelsea for only five bucks—tonight featuring UCBT house troupes Very Good Kiss, Mr. Crime, Dance Break, Grandma’s Ashes, and Sandino—and at 11:00 pm advanced improv students perform improv scenes that never end, but instead continually flow out of old locations and into new ones—all at Harold Night

8:00 pm ($8): Ben Lerman (nuanced raunchy comedic singer/songwriter; Logo TV’s NewNowNext, Sirius Radio’s Frank DeCaro Show), Sharon Spell (host of Shrink), Mona Mour, Garry Hannon, sketches, videos, and more at The PIT upstairs theatre hosted by H. Alan Scott: A SRSLY Grumpy Holiday

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Arden Myrin (Conan O’Brien, Mad TVChelsea Lately, host of The Party Machine; for Mad TV samples, please click here and here and here), Rachel Feinstein (finalist onLast Comic Standing; Comedy Central; opens for Sarah Silverman on tour), Ben Kronberg, and musical guest Zach Williams performing at UCB East for a comedy variety show produced by Sara Schaefer & Scott Moran (who have reluctantly parted ways with Gene Hackman for his continual failure to appear): Hot Dang

8:30 pm ($5): In this double-bill, each of two of The Magnet’s singing improv troupes will make up a musical on the spot based on an audience suggestion: Aquarius and Rosencrantz

[TOP PICK] 9:00 pm ($5): Arden Myrin (Conan O’Brien, Mad TVChelsea Lately, host of The Party Machine; for Mad TV samples, please click here and here and here), Nick Stevens (host of Discovery Channel’s Money on the Menu, AMC, ESPN), Bill Dawes (Broadway, HBO, NBC, long-running role on All My Children), and more performing at Ella (9 Avenue A) hosted by Seth Herzog (Jimmy Fallon, VH1): Sweet

9:00 pm (no cover, 1-item min.): Giulia Rozzi (Jimmy Kimmel, MTV, VH1, Playgirl Magazine, co-host of Dive comedy and Stripped Stories), Rachael Parenta (, contributor to book What Was I Thinking?: Bad Boyfriend Stories; for sample video, please click here), Andrew Tavin, Ramzi Bautista, Steve Lipman, and Ben Brofman performing at Luca Lounge (222 Avenue B off 14th Street) hosted by twins Adam & Todd Stone, who for this weekly show leave behind their trademark suits: Jackets Off

[TOP PICK] 9:30 pm ($5): Beowulf Jones is best known in the comedy community as a beloved sound tech guy at The PIT, but he’s also a superb storyteller who stole the show at a Risk!appearance earlier this year. Tonight Jones performs an extended version of that winning monologue about his feelings of emotional distance, which is likely to be fascinating and memorable: Beowulf Jones: Disconnected

9:30 pm ($5): NYC stand-ups (not announced this week) performing at The PIT downstairs lounge hosted by Joe DeRosa (HBO’s Down and DirtyComedy Central Presents) and Jared Logan (hilarious angry rising star; Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central): Righteous Kill

[FREE] 9:30 pm: Stand-up, sketch, videos, and more at Queens LIC’s The Creek upstairs theatre with Jeffrey Joseph and hosts Ron Krasnow & Joel Walkowski: The Short Bus

[TOP PICK] 10:00 pm ($5): Two of the most brilliant, fearless, and innovative comics in the biz, John Gemberling (Death by Roo Roo, Adult Swim, Comedy Central) and Anthony Atamanuik (Death by Roo Roo, 30 Rock, Conan O’Brien, Huffington Post, The Nights of Our Lives), team up to create their special dark version of a comedy variety show at UCB East. Tonight’s guests are Arden Myrin (Conan O’Brien, Mad TVChelsea Lately, host of The Party Machine; for Mad TV samples, please click here and here and here), Boris Khaykin (a.k.a. rapper Hardcore Boris), and John F. O’Donnell (co-creator of 50 First Jokes): The Tony and Johnny Show

[FREE] 10:15 pm: In this free Magnet show, audience members can join in with musical improv troupe Rosencrantz to make up stories in song on the spot: Musical Magnet Mixer

[FREE] 11:00 pm: A breathtaking 40 comics are given 2 minutes each in this rapid-fire open-mic stand-up show at The PIT upstairs theatre hosted with wit and energy by Jay Welch: Bring It

[FREE] 11:30 pm: Open-mic stand-up at UCB East hosted by Boris Khaykin, John Trowbridge, and/or Katie East: Tuesday Night Open Mic

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