NYC Top Comedy Choices for Tuesday 5/24/11

May 24, 2011

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Ed Herbstman and Jason Mantzoukas

Ed Herbstman & Jason Mantzoukas will perform breathtaking duo improv tonight as The Mantzoukas Brothers...

Wyatt Cenac and Simon Amstell

...and Wyatt Cenac and Simon Amstell will perform their unique versions of stand-up at "Sweet"

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

7:00 pm ($5): Duo improv from team Snazzle Dazzle; and improv revolving around “the anticipation, the fall-out, that fragile moment when love blooms or dies” in Double Date

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Comic book creators join super-hosts Alex Zalben, Justin Tyler, and Pete LePage in a lively & hilarious discussion about four-color pop culture at Comic Book Club

[TOP PICK] 8:00 pm ($5): Host Cyndi Freeman and fellow storytellers Leslie Goshko (delightful & razor-sharp Manhattan Monologue Slam Champ, host of Sideshow Goshko), Peter Aguero, Brad Lawrence, Rory Scholl, Jeff Scherer, and Alex Gallafent tell tales at Brooklyn’s Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue). Cyndi says, “Come early and see ten minutes of sobriety:” The Standard Issues

[MEGA-TOP PICK] [$] [DISCOUNTED] 8:00 pm ($35.50 with discount code BOX): Mike Birbiglia performing a unique blend of stand-up and storytelling that’s one of the best theatrical shows in NYC. For my more detailed write-up, please click here; and then grab tickets at the Barrow Street Theatre (27 Barrow Street, just one block from the #1 subway’s Christopher Street stop) for Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

8:00 pm ($5): “A panel of comedians give their hilarious takes on the more grim/sensational crime stories taken from NYC’s daily newspapers. It’s live comedy with a streak of yellow journalism and dark New York flavor,” with tonight’s guests Big Jay Oakerson, Danny Solomon, and Chemda at Queens LIC’s The Creek hosted by Pat Dixon (Comedy Central Presents): The New York City Crime Report

8:00 pm ($10): The worlds of “magic, mind-reading, and mutilation” are explored by Matthew Holtzclaw and Prakash Puru: Strange Things

8:00 pm to Midnight ($5): Four full hours of improv for only five bucks—tonight featuring UCBT house troupes Standard Oil, Very Good Kiss, Ragnaröck, Sandino, and CAPTCHA, and at 11:00 pm a small army of advanced UCBT improv students trying to snatch from order from chaos—all at Harold Night

8:30 pm ($5): In this double-bill, each of two of The Magnet’s singing improv troupes will make up a musical on the spot based on an audience suggestion: The Sound & the Fury and BEEES!

[TOP PICK] 9:00 pm ($5): Wyatt Cenac (star correspondent for The Daily Show), Simon Anstell (brilliant, charismatic UK comedic storyteller), Nikki Glaser (Last Comic Standing finalist), and more performing at Ella (9 Avenue A) hosted by Seth Herzog (Jimmy Fallon, VH1): Sweet

9:30 pm ($5): Dan St. Germain (quick-witted rising star; Jimmy Fallon, MTV; for reenactment of Dan’s breakup, please click here), Ophira Eisenberg (brilliant storyteller with notable bangs; VH1, Showtime, The Liar Show), Ryan Hamilton (Conan O’Brien), and “a secret guest” performing at the PIT downstairs lounge hosted by Joe DeRosa (HBO’s Down and DirtyComedy Central Presents) and Jared Logan (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central): Righteous Kill

[FREE] 10:15 pm: In this free show, audience members can join in with veteran musical improv talents to make up stories in song on the spot: Musical Magnet Mixer

[MEGA-TOP PICK] 10:30 pm ($5): Genius improvisors Jason Mantzoukas (rising film/TV star; (We Used to Go OutMother, Baby Mama) and Ed Herbstman (stellar comedic actor; co-founder of the Magnet Theater) show off how breathtakingly quick-witted and skillful they are at creating scenes from air. Time Out New York named these guys Best Improv Duo of 2006. Happily, Jason is back in NYC for a while, so take advantage of this opportunity to see these improvisation comedy stars shine—and then engage in an unusually intimate, and potentially awkward, debriefing session with the audience that can be as much fun as the formal part of the show: The Mantzoukas Brothers

[FREE] 11:00 pm: A breathtaking 40 comics are given 2 minutes each in this rapid-fire open-mic stand-up show hosted with wit and energy by Jay Welch: Bring It

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If you know anyone who might have a thyroid problem, please tell them about my new book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease.