NYC Top Comedy Choices for Sunday 7/17/11

July 17, 2011

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Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander has been known to seek out audience members neglecting to see his show; this is your final chance to avoid that fate as Judah headlines one last night at Carolines

Tonight’s recommendations for the best in New York City comedy (in chronological order, with top picks noted and shows over $10 marked with $) include:

[FREE] 2:00 pm: Leighann Lord (HBO, Showtime, ABC’s The View, Comedy Central), Jim Mendrinos (HBO, Comedy Central; author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing), Phoebe Robinson (host of Case of the Mondays Comedy), Susan Prekel (Comedy Central), and Jermaine Fowler performing for a free outdoor show at Mineral Springs in Central ParkLaughter in the Park

[FREE] 4:00 pm: An unusually early walk-in open-mic stand-up show (for details, please click here) at The Creek in Queens’ Long Island City: Face-Plant Comedy Open

[FREE] 6:00 pm: Improv duo The Bedtime Brothers begin by making up scenes based on an audience member’s horrible dating or break-up experience, and end with scenes springboarding off an audience-supplied movie quote; and in between invited stand-ups and sketch comics perform. It all happens at at The Creek in Queens’ Long Island City: Love Sucks! Movies Rock!

8:00 pm ($5): A show auditioning for a run at The Magnet that’s making life hard on itself by providing zero descriptive information behind this title: Life is Hard

[TOP PICK] 7:30 pm ($10) and 9:30 pm [FREE]: UCBT’s signature improv comedy extravaganza, which typically includes stars in the improv world, and sometimes even TV & movie stars such as Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz: ASSSCAT 3000

[TOP PICK] [$] 8:00 pm & 10:30 pm ($27.50 & 2-drink min.) Judah Friedlander is a hilarious stand-up and occasional agent of chaos. Judah is a cast member of 30 Rock, and has also performed on VH1’s Best Week Ever, HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, MTV’s Wonder Showzen, and NBC’s The Tonight Show. In addition, Judah has acted in over 20 films, including such hit comedies as Meet the Parents, Zoolander,  and Full Grown Men. Judah was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his role in American Splendor. When asked in an interview about his influences, Judah responded: “Audiences. They are often the forgotten ingredient in stand-up comedy. Stand-up is live entertainment, and a live audience is needed. Also, whatever is happening at the moment. I play off of that. The moment is a big influence. If you’re not playing the moment you’re not doing stand-up comedy–someone just reciting material but not responding with what’s going on in the room is not stand-up comedy.” This playful, anarchic, in-the-moment comedy veteran—and author of the book How to Beat Up Anybody—is headlining tonight through Sunday at Carolines: Judah Friedlander

[FREE] 8:00 pm: Victor Varnado (Conan O’BrienJimmy Kimmel, Comedy Central, NBC’s My Name is Earl, Adult Swim, Comedy Central’s The Awkward Comedy Show; films Pluto Nash, End of Days,A Guy Thing), Barry Rothbart (TNT’s Men of a Certain Age), Adam Newman (College Humor), Kara Klenk (host of If You Build It), and George Gordon performing at RG Daniels’ free weekly show at the Three of Cups East Village lounge: Sunday Night Stand-Up

[FREE] 8:00 pm: Mark Normand (hilarious stand-up; Last Comic Standing; co-host of Hot Soup andWe’re All Friends Here), Will Hines (stellar improv/sketch comic; The Stepfathers), Justy Dodge, and George Gordon performing at The PIT’s downstairs lounge for a free weekly show tonight guest-hosted by Amber Nelson: Cold Soda Comedy

[FREE] 8:00 pm: Sketch, improv, and more at The Creek upstairs theatre in Queens’ Long Island City from comedy troupe Froduce

[FREE] 9:00 pm: NYC stand-ups (not announced, but for a possible update please click here) performing at the East Village’s Beauty Bar for Vince Averill’s free weekly show Beauty Bar Comedy

9:30 pm ($5): A monthly screening of new short filmed sketch and comedy produced by members of the Magnet community: Flick Video Showcase

[FREE] 10:00 pm: Allison Castillo, Adam Lehman (Here! TV), and Shawn Hollenbach (Logo TV) performing stand-up at a free weekly gay-themed show at Therapy hosted by Brad Loekle: Electro Shock Therapy Comedy Hour

[FREE] 10:00 pm: Open-mic stand-up, with 4 minutes per comic, at The PIT’s downstairs loungehosted by Rob Stern: Vicious Cycle

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If you know anyone who might have a thyroid problem, please tell them about my new book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease.